How To Make Exclusion Traps For Pigeons

Pigeon infestation with its resulting mess and nuisance is becoming more and more problematic for many property owners. These birds can cause considerable damage to buildings – both inside and out – and the mess they create can be expensive to remove and even hazardous to health. The only successful method of dealing with pigeon infestation is to find a way to exclude them from their preferred roosting area. Anyone wondering how to make exclusion traps for pigeons should rest assured that it is a relatively simple process that offers a good rate of success.

The best exclusion methods are those that modify the pigeons preferred living space making it difficult for them to gain access to that area and/or impossible for them to roost comfortably. This type of exclusion can be successfully achieved with the installation of weather resistant bird netting, wire screening, or even metal sheets if appropriate. The process of pigeon exclusion also includes trapping and/or removing pigeons prior to installation of the chosen deterrent and thorough cleaning of the whole area; it is also possible to use anti-perching methods to prevent roosting. If you have pigeons inside your building, it is essential to repair and block any points of access in order to prevent re-entry.

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